We work with your organization to check whether it’s running as well as it can. Our auditing services also help for-profit businesses evaluate their 401(k) plan and more.

Uncover how you can improve—and get concrete results.

During past audits, we’ve identified process improvements that resulted in collecting almost $100k, plus interest savings of over $30k annually and internal controls improvements that safeguarded hundreds of thousands of dollars. We uphold our track record of updating outmoded contracts, finding free resources, and discovering specific areas where organizations are falling behind their peers.

An audit shouldn’t cost more than it already does.

We provide competitive pricing and a commitment to efficiency. After all, we want to keep your organization running optimally. Unlike other auditors, we strive to not drain your operations with excess staff time, which inflates an audit’s cost. We strategically determine what needs more or less time—and make your audit a great investment in your future.

Benefits of Our Audits

Proprietary Technology

We look at past years to glean more info—and provide an even better real-time financial analysis.

In-Depth Interviews

Get up-close and personal with our team of experts. We unearth the important details to provide you with an extraordinarily valuable audit.

Best Practices

We’ll offer advice for your particular sector from our team’s diverse expertise as CFOs, CPAs, as well as NPO managers and board members.

Communication & Actionable Items

At the end of the audit, we provide actionable items and input from multiple angles, which help you perform at a higher level—and even bring in more profit for your business or cause.

Our auditors are:

  • Managers who have run successful organizations
  • Internal control consultants
  • Seasoned accountants
  • NPO board members
  • NPO volunteers

“I am happy to recommend Redfern & Company to anyone looking for a 401(k) auditor. They do the work and I reap the benefit of their expertise.”

Jo Phillippe, SPHR
Director of Human Resources
Natural Alternatives International, Inc.

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